Typesetter's Desk

Manage your typesetting projects.

Version 0.5

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News: Typesetter's Desk is now at the Arch Users Repository.

Typesetter's Desk is a free and open source program designed to manage large LaTeX projects. Such projects typically involve multiple files that are included in a root file, so there is a need to organize those files and link them to important information such as errors found when running LaTeX. There is also a need to be able to jump easily between particular lines in the LaTeX text file and the corresponding location in the generated PDF. Typesetter's Desk meets these needs and adds other features to simplify the management of these projects.


Although capable of handling large projects, Typesetter's Desk is also perfect for creating LaTeX documents from a single file. These documents can be open at the same time files from multiple projects are also open. Which PDF is viewed depends on the current file.

Document creation with LaTeX involves creating a text file that is used to generate a document that is then displayed by a viewer. Since this is essentially the same process as creating a web page, Typesetter's Desk was expanded to include HTML and CSS projects. In fact, this web site was developed using Typesetter's Desk.