Typesetter's Desk
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The graphical user interface of Typesetter's Desk is designed to ease the workflow of large-scale typesetting projects. An important aspect of its design is the use of vertical panels. While creating documents, it is important to maximize vertical space while keeping widths as small as is reasonable to ease reading. By hiding status bars, putting the menu and tool bars on the side, and entering full screen mode, the panels stretch the entire height of the screen.


Before explaining the usage of each panel, it is important to understand the terminology of Typesetter's Desk:

To illustrate, when working on LaTeX projects, a source is a LaTeX text file, to typeset means to compile with, say, pdflatex, and the document is the resulting PDF. When working on web projects, a source is an HTML file, to typeset means to simply save the changes to the file, and the resulting document is what is viewed in a web browser.

With this in mind, the three panels from left to right of Typesetter's Desk are as follows: